Coaching by Martin Brooks The Impacttologist

Ensure your proposal, pitch or presentation has maximum impact with my one to one coaching.

On paper your pitch or presentation might look perfect, but would you say the same about how you are going to communicate it? What impact will your body language, voice and words make? Will they help you to win - or relegate you to a close-run second?

One to one coaching sessions with the Impacttologist will focus on the impact your body language, voice intonation and language are creating and how you can improve the quality of your communication skills through targeted feedback and expert advice.  

Personally tailored sessions will ensure you have all the techniques, tips and tools you’ll need to boost your confidence and give you the best possible chance of achieving that all important, first place.

“At a number of crucial points in my career I have had 1 to 1 coaching with Martin. I found his feedback, tips and advice enabled me to achieve greater levels of success in the short term and have had a lasting impact on my career. His coaching has helped me exceed each goal I set myself”.         
Dr Manjit Sohata CEO, leading engineering company  

A few small changes can make all the difference to the impact you create. Contact me to arrange your free 15 minute consultation to find out how my coaching can help you craft and create that winning edge.